Thursday, November 11, 2010

My DrEaMs!!!

I want these things in "my LIFE":

I want to join CAR RACING!!!

I want to play PAINTBALL!!!

I want to do SNORKELING!!!

I want to own my dream cars; Toyota CAMRY, Honda ACCORD, HARRIER, Nissan MURANO..etc.


I want to own A BIG HOUSE ( banglo)!!!

I want to have MY DREAM HUSBAND as my life partner!!! huhuhu

I want to TRAVEL to INDIA, CHINA, PARIS, and all OVER THE WORLD (kalau mampu la...) and make documentaries about it...

I want to be a LECTURER!!! ( its my passion)

I want to be INSAN KAMIL!!! (Amin..)

*I hope I can achieve all my dreams above...even though I now it will take a lot of time ...but I want my Dreams become reality.. =)


  1. nissan murano!!!! owhhhh... my baby! :) ain, missing you [jiwang tetibe]

  2. hehehe...yup najwa..thank you for introducing nissan murano to me, I love it so much!!! =)