Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally, after struggling for a week to find the best topic for mini research for LE 4000 research paper... I have come out with my own research proposal!!! Yahoo!!!

Research Proposal
To:      Instructor of LE 4000 class
From: Mardhiatul Ain Binti Mokhtaruddin, 0828380, LE 4000, SECTION 18.
Date:   10 January 2011
Subject: Research proposal

Proposed Research Topic: A Study of Perception of Politeness in Offering Advice, Request form and Reprimand between cultures: on Malaysian and Middle Easterners Undergraduates Students of IIUM.

Statement of Problem:  Is there any differences on the perception of politeness in offering advice, request form and reprimand between two cultures which are, Malay and Middle East cultures?

Objective of the study:
1.      To investigate the cultural differences between Malaysian and Middle Easterners in their perception of the politeness of the speech act of offering advice.
2.      To study politeness levels of various forms of request in English as perceived by Malaysian undergraduates and Middle Easterners undergraduates.
3.      To investigate the perception of reprimand speech act in Malay and Middle East cultures.

Instrument: There will be three types of instruments used in this research project. There will be questionnaires (surveys) which tackle the samples’ politeness in offering advice, request form and reprimand of speech act. Not only that, interview and role play will be conducted also, in a way to support and make the data of the research become stronger. If possible, the interview session and the role play will be recorded, video recording.

Target group:  20 undergraduate students of IIUM who are Malaysian and Middle Easterners only. They are from various Kulliyah and level of study. Only 10 Malaysian students and 10 Middle eastern students. There will be 5 male students and 5 female students for each culture.  

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