Friday, April 20, 2012

Not everyone is besides us when we are in trouble...

So sad.. its true that only true friends will stick and always by ourside when we need them.
Sedih sebab, mereka mencari kita pabila mereka susah, tp mereka sentiasa berada bersama kita sewaktu kite senang shj, tp waktu kite susah n perlukan pertolongan, they are not there, n even they take us for granted.

 This is not about mengungkit or mengharapkan balasan org.. but its a common sense which we need to help those who need our help.. Please guys, open your eyes and heart.. Do not make use of other people for your own benefit.

Thus, just help those who need you, n InsyaAllah Allah will always by yourside.. Amiin...

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