Friday, May 13, 2011


Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information


    What company licenses Teletubbies?Teletubbies
      The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company.
    What is shown inside the sun?Teletubbies
      baby's face.
    What does Dipsy enjoy playing with?Teletubbies
    What part of the body do Teletubbies use as a TV screen?Teletubbies
    Where do Teletubbies live?Teletubbies
    What do Teletubbies like to eat?Teletubbies
      toast and custard.
    What is the name of the vacuum cleaner?Teletubbies
      Noo Noo .
    Which Teletubbies are considered male?Teletubbies
      Tinky Winky and Dipsy.
    Which Teletubbie has a triangle shape on its head?Teletubbies
      Tinky Winky.
    What colour is Po?Teletubbies
    What do the Teletubbies say when they want to watch the story again?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      "Again! Again!". The Teletubbies say, "Again! Again!," when they want to watch the story again.
    When the Teletubbies make a mess, who cleans it up?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      The Noo-Noo. The Noo-Noo is the vacuum that cleans up after the Teletubbies.
    What is the Teletubbies' favorite snack?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      tubbie custard. The Teletubbies love snacking on tubby custard!
    What color is the bag that the purple teletubby loves?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      Red. Tinky-Winky's bag is red.
    Which Teletubby carries a bag?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      Tinky-Winky. Tinky-Winky loves his bag!
    Which Teletubby wears a hat?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      Dipsy. Dipsy wears a big black and white hat.
    Which Teletubby rides a scooter?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      Po. Po rides her scooter very well!
    Which Teletubby is yellow?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      Laa-Laa. Laa-Laa is yellow like the sun.
    Which Teletubby is the biggest?"Teletubbies" for Toddlers
      Tinky-Winky. Tinky-Winky is the biggest Teletubby.
    What part of a Teletubby becomes a TV screen?"Teletubbies" World
      tummy. The screen shows them happy people on planet earth. When they want to watch more they shout "Again, again!". I got almost all of my information from And amazingly haven't seen the the show since I was in 1st grade, six years ago. Hope you enjoyed my quiz.
    Dipsy's hat is white and _______?"Teletubbies" World
      black. His hat is his favorite thing, he likes to dance, make cool moves, and fancy steps.
    Which Teletubbies song goes "Fi-dit, fi-dit, fi-dit, fi-dit"?"Teletubbies" World
      Po. Po's favorite thing is her pink and blue scooter. She also likes to sing, dance, and do as she chooses.
    Which Teletubby is the second largest?"Teletubbies" World
      Dipsy. Tinky Winky is the tallest, Dipsy is the second largest, Laa-Laa is the second smallest, and Po is the smallest.
    Is there a vacuum cleaner in the show?"Teletubbies" World
      Yes. Noo-Noo, who is a vacuum cleaner, goes around the Teletubbies house making noises.
    What do all of the Teletubbies love best of all?"Teletubbies" World
      big hugs. They all enjoy big hugs and singing to themselves.
    How many Teletubbies are there?"Teletubbies" World
      4. They are Laa-Laa = Yellow, Po = Red, Tinky Winky = Purple, and Dipsy = Green.
    Which Teletubby likes falling over?"Teletubbies" World
      Tinky Winky. Some of Tinky Winky's other interests include walking, marching, and dancing. Tinky Winky's favorite thing is his red bag.
    What color is the Laa-Laa's ball?"Teletubbies" World
      orange. Laa-Laa's favorite thing is her big orange ball. Laa-Laa's other interests include: dancing, skipping and singing songs.
    Do you see children decorating a Christmas tree in the video?"Happy Christmas From the Teletubbies"
      yes. There are three children decorating a christmas tree with lots of different Christmas decorations.
    What color is La La's wrapping paper?"Happy Christmas From the Teletubbies"
      yellow. It is yellow because everything that is La La's is yellow!
    What is in Po's present?"Happy Christmas From the Teletubbies"
      snow cloud. The snow cloud snows on all of the Teletubbies.


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