Sunday, August 14, 2011

I really need The Almighty ALLAH in My LIFE

Only Him!!! He is The only One who knows what is the Best for Me... =)
I Really Hope that He will always by myside..
I owe Him the AIR 0r O2 which keeps me alive..
I only borrow the body parts, beautiness, my family and my friends and even my wealth from Allah.. I need to return it back when the time has come..
Allah please blessed me and I need your RAHMAH and BLESSINGS!!! Amin.. T_T


  1. not only u, but all of us need His Blessing :)

    i remember one article about Rasulullah,he felt sad whenever thinking about jewish(non-muslim). the sahabat asking him, "why u're sad ya Rasulullah?" and Rasulullah answered, I feel sad towards them(jewish/non-muslim) because they will be in hell forever.


  2. yes exactly,fauzi... btw, thanks for your comment its really helpful.