Monday, August 1, 2011

The Magic Wand.

I wish I had a magic wand
That I could use each day
A wand that held the kind of magic
To make sadness go away

It’s magic would be powerful
And go straight to the heart
Happiness would be placed there
And sadness would depart

For those with haunting memories
Of a less than happy past
It would hold the kind of power
To bring happiness that last

I would take my magic wand
And it’s power I would share
To remove a frown from anyone
And place a smile there

Whatever would bring sadness
Would be quickly swept away
The clouds would bow and give way
To a bright and sunny day

But we all know, that magic wands
Live just in fairy tales
Still we have a kind of magic
That sometimes works just as well

It’s the magic that will listen
When someone needs someone to hear
When they need someone to talk to
Be there to lend an ear

It helps sometimes just knowing
You’re in someone’s thoughts and prayers
And it can turn a frown into a smile
Just knowing someone cares

© Jack Roberts – May 19, 2003